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A personalized diet is
more than a diet.

It is the WAY
to a better YOU.


Your genes
Your life
Your health

Where Genes meet our Diet: Know, Understand, Control.

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"Let food be thy
medicine and medicine
be thy food"

Hippocrates 460-370 B.C.
Every one of us is unique. Treat yourself as such!

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A personalized diet
is more than diet.

It is the WAY
for a better YOU.

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What does a
success story
feel like?

"It feels NO PAIN!"

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“…I have dieted for most of my life, until, through yoga, I naturally shifted into a detox lifestyle and started to feel happier, healthier and whole. DNANUTRICOACH read my genetic predisposition, confirmed that the ideal program for me and has enriched me with so much information that I have the ammunition to become the best version of me. Knowledge is power, it´s in my DNA. I learn to listen to my body and reach my full potential…”

VandaAthens, Greece

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