The fellowships of the DNANUTRICOACH®

The summer of 2016

The summer of 2016 was the first one to find DNANUTRICOACH® under full operational rhythms. It was the first one that did not allow us to hang a ¨closed for holidays¨ sign in our door. The pile of inspiring and motivational tasks of building a new company from scratch had kept us going while all our friends were posting photos from the beach. Summer is almost over now, but here in DNANUTRICOACH® that means only the beginning of a new era.

As a CEO, of this new business, I was glad-and lucky enough- to share this first summer of DNANUTRICOACH® with proactive and passionate colleagues who were incorporated in our team for short and shorter stays. They all chose DNANUTRICOACH® for their practical training and proved that fellowships and internships can bring an extra value to a start-up company.

Our fellows

Eleni Kavoura, a young nutritionist-dietitian came from Harokopio University in Athens, Greece under the European Erasmus+ Placement program. She spent 6 months with us receiving training in nutritional genomics and all other nutritional aspects involved in our business model. She is one more proof that the millennial generation is here to stay and has plenty to offer. Ivy Nguyen Bao Thu an MBA Candidate in the Class of 2017 at IESE Business School spent her summer internship with us in the framework of the DNANUTRICOACH®-IESE collaboration.  Ivy took up tasks and responsibilities of business development and she assisted in all the challenging aspects of making business work. The European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes also acknowledged our work by awarding a short-stage placement to Efstathia Koloverou a PhD Candidate from Harokopio University in Athens.

I am really glad and honored to receive the recognition and trust of such renowned Institutions by funding personnel placements in my team. This summer experience had further enhanced my motivation and commitment to go on, not to give up and expand the scientific knowledge of nutritional genomics to society.

A deep and profound thank you, girls!


by Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou

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