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What does a “success story” feel like?

Does it work?”, “How does it work?”, “How effective is it?” are the main questions we receive when we talk about the correct clinical application of nutrigenetics and how this application can transform people’s lives. In this post we would like to present answers to these questions as presented by a real case, by a person who chose and started our DNANUTRICOACH® premium program on June 2016.

We wish to share with you how George, a young man who dedicates his life in music and in running (not necessary with this order), describes this experience in his own words.

It’s been almost ten years since I started running and every day ever since I feel like I am on a big endless journey with a variety of smaller intermediate stationsScientific approach is the ideal companion in every effort, thus I decided to seek for nutritional guidance and advice beyond a simple diet… in order to achieve any goal (personal, professional or athletic), but also in well – being, even in happiness itself, you need knowledge, science, love and care

The first and serious conclusion this procedure evinced is that I was malnourished (!). All runners are afraid of gaining weight, so was I. This fear is justifiable but it can also lead to exaggeration. That was my case… blood tests resulted a high score of 931 U/L just before the beginning of my collaboration with DNANUTRICOACH®….the immediate application of the guidelines I received from DNANUTRICOACH®  without resting or reducing my hard training (in fact, at the moment I was training harder than ever) regarding my personalized nutrition resulted the reduction of my CPK to 241 U/L in less than two months. Impressive? Totally, if you ask me….On the same time, we stopped any kind of food supplement and we agreed that there are no “prohibited foods”.

….The more experienced runners said to me that sports hernia is an injury that you carry for life. If it happens to you, you “marry” her in a way. It becomes a lifetime thing; they said…the pain started fainting. I am three months in the program now and the pain is gone completely. Within these months, the antiinflammatory basis of my nutrition eliminated the annoying pain of the past. I can’t describe how happy I am that, after running for two years in pain, I no longer experience any

…DNANUTRICOACH® experts were on my side to answer every question, inquiry or general curiosity – a kind of life coaching but in a genetic approach. It is clear for me now: genetic counseling is a process and not an one-life event…

For all of us in DNANUTRICOACH®, George’s story is a success story and we are proud to affirm that this success story feels NO pain.

p.s. you can find George on Facebook and we invite you to read his full stories in his blog musicspins (in English and in Greek).



By Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou
Nutritional Genomics Specialist and Consultant
Accredited Practitioner Coach (IAPC&M)



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