Food Coaching Programs

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Food coaching tailored to your needs, perfectly combined with our applied nutrigenetic programs.

Eating and dietary habits and lifestyle evaluation based on scientific criteria.

Identify areas for improvement, set tailored goals and start your action plan.

BE the change you WISH for.




Food Coaching programs to reach your optimal wellness.

These are either weekly or biweekly sessions online (via Skype, viber or whatsapp video calls) or in-person in Athens, Madrid or Barcelona.

Our programs are tailored to your needs and can be perfectly combined with DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic analysis.

Our DNANUTRICOACH® food coaching programs help you achieve:

  • Personal identification of areas of improvement.
  • A personalized and precise plan of action for your maximum wellness level in both short and long terms.
  • Small, daily changes that ultimately will become your new habits.
  • A set of clear, correct, and precise goals to alleviate discomfort.
  • An upgrade of personal knowledge about the effect food has on your wellness and health.
  • The best version of you.

Our DNANUTRICOACH® food coaching evaluate:

During the DNANUTRICOACH® food coaching programs, we evaluate your current eating habits and lifestyle within our rigorous scientific criteria.

With our Food Coaching programs:

  • You will learn how to increase your body’s absorption of vital nutrients.
  • You will learn how to make healthy and appropriate choices wherever you are.
  • You will learn how to prevent symptoms caused by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices.
  • You will learn to listen, understand, and appreciate your body and recognize its signals.
  • You will learn what each food has to offer your body.
  • You will BE the change you WISH for.


For YOUR participation in your own wellness and YOUR life, we know that YOU are unique.


We have created different program options that are better suited to fit your individual needs.

Food Coaching sessions are performed with Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou.

Find her analytical CV here.

Read her research work here.


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Online sessions available for all programs via skype, whatsapp or viber video calls. 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours


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