Applied Nutrigenetics Extra Premium


The Applied Nutrigenetics Extra Premium program includes our full nutrigenetic analysis (42 genes) and 22 Food Coaching sessions (1-hr each)

Avoid invasive processes and abstention of products.

Learn how to boost your health and wellness.

Achieve every-day equilibrium.


Duration 6 months


Your genes do not change, you do!

Prevention is not a luxury, it is a lifestyle. Rapid aging starts from within. Learn how to prevent it.

Avoid trial and error. Be proactive, not reactive.

The Applied Nutrigenetics Premium DNANUTRICOACH® program launches an action plan according to both your exogenous (phenotype) and endogenous (DNA genotype) characteristics. We read your nutrigenetic profile (DNA) and guide you through the necessary changes in your dietary habits.

Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.

Pain? Constipation? Swelling? Digestion discomfort? Inflammation? Fatigue? Headaches? Weakness? Loss of concentration? Lack of energy and low drive? Trouble sleeping?

 Act before your symptoms appear.

YOUR participation for YOUR own wellness in YOUR own life can be a reality.


The Applied Nutrigenetics Extra Premium DNANUTRICOACH® program lasts six months and includes our nutrigenetic analysis on 42 genes and 22 Food Coaching sessions (18 + 4 for FREE)

This program includes:

  • Knowing and understanding your own DNA and nutrigenetic profile (42 SNPs).
  • Adjusting and/or changing your eating habits to optimize your diet.
  • Introducing these small changes in your lifestyle to match your nutrigenetic results (Food Coaching sessions).
  • The right application and recommendations for your needs.
  • An action plan for their incorporation into your lifestyle


Avoid invasive processes and abstention of products.

  • Your DNA is the key. We evaluate your eating habits and current lifestyle to give precise and personalized recommendations.
  • You set your goals, and we use our scientific expertise and coaching methodology to help you reach them.
  • Learn how small and simple changes in your daily routine can help you achieve permanent wellness and long-term health.


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