Applied Nutrigenetics Detox & Intolerances


The Applied Nutrigenetics detox and intolerances program analyzes only those genes related to your detoxification needs and intolerance probabilities Avoid invasive processes and abstention of products. WE give you precise and personalized recommendations based on your DNA.


Duration 1 month, 300 € (21% Spanish VAT included)


Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.


Pain? Constipation? Swelling? Discomfort in digestion? Inflammation? Fatigue? Headaches? Weakness? Loss of concentration? Lack of energy and low drive? Trouble sleeping?


Act before your symptoms appear.

YOUR participation for YOUR own wellness in YOUR own life can be a reality.


Your DNA can help. In this program, we analyze only those genes related to detoxification phase I and II, lactose intolerance, celiac disease probabilities, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity genes that we know they influence your detoxification needs and intolerance appearance. We explain the information that your genes bring with them and what does it mean for your symptoms. We propose solutions and alternatives.


Duration 1 month, 300 € (21% Spanish VAT included)

If you have already symptoms and you want to control them, we strongly recommend combination with one of our food coaching programs for successful results.


Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you!

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