Applied Nutrigenetics Complete


Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.

Start your complete nutrigenetic profile with a precise interpretation of your results. Avoid trial and error.

Be proactive, not reactive.


Duration 1 month, 690 € (Spanish VAT 21% included).


Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.

This is an abbreviated version of our PREMIUM DNANUTRICOACH® program.

 Avoid trial and error. Be proactive, not reactive.

The Applied Nutrigenetics Basic DNANUTRICOACH® program lasts one month and includes:


  • Our nutrigenetic analysis.
  • Two initial sessions to evaluate your current exogenous characteristics (phenotype) such as work schedules, quality of sleep, pain, nutrition among others that draw a personalized picture of your current lifestyle.
  • An interpretation session of your nutrigenetic results to explain your endogenous characteristics (DNA-genotype).


Start your personalized program that fits your specific needs today!


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