Business Success through Science – Wellness in the Workplace




Corporate Wellness – Wellness in the Workplace


Wellness in the workplace means productivity and effectiveness.

Wellness in your team means success for your company.

Even if you work from home, or you have returned to the traditional workplace, taking care of your wellness should be a priority for you and your employees. WHO defines that


¨Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity¨


We have created Food Coaching® programs to help you and your team not only to learn how to eat but also empower and educate them to be able to handle their everyday personal and professional challenges, needs, and goals.




Health and wellness in the workplace is the foundation for a successful business.




Why Corporate Wellness with us?


Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou is the founder of DNANUTRICOACH® and of the Food Coaching® methodology. She has created the corporate wellness Food Coaching® programs based on:


  • decades of research experience on health and non-invasive prevention based on lifestyle changes,
  • practical needs of everyday people who struggle to perform at their best
  • accreditation as a Life Coach by the British International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring




Are you an educational institution or a healthcare provider?

DNANUTRICOACH® organizes seminars, workshops and educative talks.

DNANUTRICOACH®  organizes seminars based on your specific audience and educational needs.

  • We explain scientific results in the field of nutritional genomics.
  • We explain how these results can be implemented in the clinical practice.
  • We enhance and reinforce critical thinking and debate by helping you understand the state-of-the-art results of Nutritional Genomics
  • We speak English, Spanish and Greek languages.

Contact us if you want to include Nutritional Genomics knowledge in your educational activities.





DNANUTRICOACH® offers consulting services to health professionals who want to use and offer nutrigenetic tests to their patients but they lack proper training and knowledge. Our services match your interests and range from a one-hour-one-time consultation to a more fixed, continuous consulting packages.

Contact us, we are glad to personalize our services to your concrete needs.




If you have a business idea in the field of Nutritional Genomics, DNANUTRICOACH® can assist you with all the necessary know-how and expertise to transform this business idea into a successful product.

Contact us, explain your needs and we will be glad to provide you with flexible, personalized assistance and solutions.



DNANUTRICOACH® participates in research projects and complements your research team with up-to-date expertise in Nutritional Genomics field. We can:

  1. Organize and monitor your trial and/or study in the field of nutritional genomics.
  2. Support your research team on all necessary aspects; from proposal preparation until results presentation and dissemination.
  3. Find, recommend and present you the adequate partners for your research project. We connect scientific expertise to enhance and reinforce research collaborations.

Please contact us, explain your needs and we will be glad to provide you flexible, personalized assistance and solutions to achieve your research goals.

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Get to know Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou


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