The nutrigenetic support in exercise and sports

Nutritional support in exercise and sports based on scientific knowledge and evidence.

Sharing is what matters the most and distinguishes us (amateur) runners from other athletes: whenever we find that special “something”, a ‘trick’, a tip or anything that can help our co-athletes, we do not keep it for ourselves, but we share it without any selfishness. This is what also happened to me with the DNANUTRICOACH® applied nutrigenetic program. I wrote about it, I talked about it, I participated actively. And my faith in this program has been renewed daily ever since. Especially, during those times when I neglect the program’s “commands”. That’s why I’m writing today this text.

Nutritional obsessions

The times before Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou introduced and explained to me the science of nutrigenetics, I used to have some very specific nutritional obsessions (besides suffering from malnutrition – a classic urban myth for runners – which was the most important and fortunately gone forever), such as:

(a) Unidimensional protein intake – only yogurt overload,

b) zero use of olive oil in food – today I am a huge fan, “bathing” my food in extra virgin olive oil,

c) Minimal omega-3 fatty acids – today I don’t allow a day without food-rich-in-omega3.

However, there have been days that I am returning to my old obsessions; mainly those are the days I am facing difficulties and challenging situations (a scenario that can often happen to everyone). In fact, it still happens to me, not as often as before, but it happens.

After my applied nutrigenetic program I acquired knowledge on how to observe my body, and to clearly notice the differences.

Our body sends signals: slight musculoskeletal or other forms of pain, fatigue etc.

Every time I abandon my personalized, DNA-based nutrition, my body sends signals. Minor aches, tiredness, fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, and other similar symptoms that I used to overlook in the past and move forward. Today, it is just a matter of getting back and follow my accurate, well-documented personalized diet and all symptoms disappear within 2-3 days. Wow, huh? I’ll write it again. It is my truth: I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I have found my way. I know what to do. Whenever I choose not to do it, is because of stupidity or a self-destructive mood. At the same time, I need to express my frustration every time I see a “specialist” analyzing and proposing nutritional and dietary ideal plans that will “dry” their user or make him/her run a marathon faster than Kipchoge! Moreover, at the same time, we keep consulting dr. Google for everything! And we’re in 2019. Let me rewrite it. Yes, in 2019.


We need to respect professional scientists but first, we need to respect and love ourselves. We have to be a little more responsible: Precise and personalized nutrition is the A and the Z for our health and wealth, for everything. Do not hand it over to friends, acquaintances, nutritionists with high school diplomas and other internet-based courses. Sooner or later, we will need to fix it. It is not a cliché: “We are what we eat“.

And one more thing: you can’t run faster than Kipchoge! Just try to run faster than yesterday. And that, only if you really want it.

Nutrigenetic support in exercise and sports.

I have found my way. I know what to do. I go back and forth only to confirm the accuracy and precision of the tailored-made, personalized nutrition I learned from my DNANUTRICOACH® program. Dear co-runners, this nutrigenetic support was the best support I could receive for my training, exercise and running life. See you all on the roads, stadiums, marathons, tartans and other running places of the world. Be healthy!


By George Myzalis PhD

Runner and DNANUTRICOACH® Ambassador

P.S. The article was firstly published in the greek free-press iRUN



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