Health&Bio Team Dating

What is the Health&Bio Team Dating event?

On December 3rd, DNANUTRICOACH participated in the Health&Bio Team Dating event in Barcelona. The event was organized by BStartup program of the Banco Sabadell, BiocatCataloniaBio, and the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera. That innovative initiative aimed at bringing together scientists and business professionals to favor and cultivate synergies among them. The event had great success with more than 200 ¨speed dating¨, 30-min meetings between scientists and entrepreneurs.

DNANUTRICOACH® was at the Health&Bio Team event

Dr Valentini Konstantinidou, CEO of DNANUTRICOACH®, presented the project´s main idea and explained the existing market needs that inspired the creation of this initiative. The aim of DNANUTRICOACH® to transfer nutritional genomics progress to society, directly from the researchers, without any intermediates, attracted the interest of many other scientists and entrepreneurs. Our central idea of combining nutritional genomics knowledge, lifestyle changes and coaching methodology received positive comments and press attention.

DNANUTRICOACH® team would like to thank the organizers and all the people who talked about us:

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