Food Coaching® based on DNA Analysis



Corporate Wellness Program




An effective corporate wellness program,

based on DNA.


An effective personalized gift for your valuable employees.


The Structure of our Food Coaching® Program based on DNA Analysis:


➧ The program starts with a DNA Analysis of the person, where we analyze only those genes related to nutrition and exercise. 

➧ Based on this genetic predisposition and sensitivities, the program continues with 1:1 Food Coaching® sessions, 100% tailor-made for each team member of your business/company.

➧ Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and frequency is determined based on needs.



The Goals of Food Coaching® Program based on DNA Analysis:


➧ Improve the productivity and wellness of your valuable employees, significantly and accurately through DNA Analysis.

➧ Work through the problems they struggle to solve on their own, based on the methodology of Food Coaching® and their genetic sensitivities.

➧ Guide the employee on how to adopt healthier and more nutritional habits that respect his/her DNA.



The Methodology of our Food Coaching® Program based on DNA Analysis:


➧ It’s a methodology based on the DNA of each person individually and that’s what makes it so unique

➧ The DNA Analysis offers life-long information. It’s a lifetime investment, which shows the way to lasting, beneficial changes.

➧ We help your employees achieve a healthier lifestyle, starting from their nutrition, combining their genotype with their demanding lifestyle.


Food Coaching Program® DNA AnalysisWhat is included in a Corporate Wellness Program based on DNA Analysis?


DNA Analysis.

➧ DNA Interpretation.

➧ A number of 1:1 Food Caoching®sessions as agreed.







Productivity depends on the level of wellness.

Wellness depends on the implementation of the right habits.

Habits are built through regular coaching, guidance, and your DNA.



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