Food Coaching® Program 1:1 for employees



Corporate Wellness Program





Help your key employees evolve so that they can guide your company to success.


The Structure of our Food Coaching® Program 1:1 for employees:


➧ The 1:1 program includes Food Coaching®  sessions with your selected employees with a duration of 45-60 min

➧ The Food Coaching® 1:1 sessions can be held in the company’s headquarters, or through a zoom call.

➧ The Food Coaching® 1:1 sessions are private sessions and address the unique challenges that your selected employees face.



The Goals of Food Coaching® 1:1 Program:


➧ Improve significantly the productivity and wellness of your key employees.

➧ Work through the problems they avoid solving on their own, based on the methodology of Coaching.

➧ Guide the employee to adopt healthier and more nutritional habits so that he/she can improve their performance every day and constantly.






The Methodology of our Food Coaching® Program 1:1 for employees:


➧ We give extra attention, on hearing the problems that your key employees struggle to deal with and detecting the root cause of the issue.

➧ We guide the employees through the process of prioritizing the tasks in their everyday life, so that they can create their own optimal routines.

➧ We help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, starting from their nutrition.

➧ We help the employee adapt and stick to the new habits without changing their current everyday necessities and priorities in their working life.


What is included in a Corporate Wellness, Food Coaching® 1:1 Program:


➧ All sessions are delivered by Dr. Valentini Konstanitnidou.

Concrete solutions, to employees’ concrete challenges.

Habit tracking tools, to help participants track the progress of their change.






Productivity depends on the level of wellness.

Wellness depends on the implementation of the right habits.

Habits are built through regular coaching and guidance.



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