DNANUTRICOACH® meets Emotional Therapy 4Moms

Welcome to Emotional Therapy 4Moms

Emotional Therapy 4Moms is a unique place in Athens, Greece led by Sophia Kouki that offers emotional therapy and support to mothers and daughters of every age. Emotional Therapy 4Moms regularly organizes events and seminars to promote emotional health and wellness in mothers and daughters by helping them deal with their new role of motherhood and all related changes in their lives and bodies.




I was very happy and honored to be invited to such an event and celebrate Mothers’ day 2018 in Greece. The Emotional Therapy 4Moms organized a Sunday Brunch 4Moms and the participants, mothers, and daughters had the opportunity to discover the DNANUTRICOACH® method and how Food Coaching can help them.

Food science and emotional wellness for moms

During more than 2 hours, emotional therapy 4Moms combined food science and emotional wellness and I was able to interact with mothers

  • who wish to recover from recent pregnancies, both physically and emotionally,
  • who wish to improve their eating habits and align them with their new motherhood role, and
  • who acknowledge the significance of food and nutrition for their health and wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy.








Learn what Food Coaching can make for moms

Food coaching empowers you to make the best eating and dietary habits and lifestyle changes according to your current situation. Food coaching puts nutrition at the center of your wellbeing. Food coaching helps women before, during and after pregnancy

Thank you Emotional Therapy 4Moms for the invitation and for acknowledging our scientific programs, here´s to the next one!



By Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, 

Nutritional Genomics Specialist and Consultant
Accredited Practitioner Coach (IAPC&M)



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