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Help your company grow through your employees


The Structure of our Corporate Wellness solution:


➧Our Food Coaching® Seminars are tailored-made to your company’s current needs and goals.

➧Food Coaching® Seminars duration is a minimum of 2 hours.

➧Food Coaching® Seminars could be weekly events or a one-off talk.




The Goals of Corporate Wellness Food Coaching® Seminars:


The main goal of our seminars is to help your company grow through your employees:


➧ Your employees are a great asset to your company.

➧ Guiding your employees through the process of taking concrete steps and consistent improvements to their lifestyle and everyday routine helps them change towards their better selves.

➧ Small, consistent, doable changes will increase their energy, their alertness resulting in optimized productivity.

➧ Basing this change on scientific knowledge and experience is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

➧ Starting from nutritional habits and consumer behavior ensure effective guidance through the process of making better choices


The Methodology of our Corporate Wellness Seminars:


  • All the seminars are based on active participation.
  • Attendees are not passively listening but interact and actively participate with each other.
  • Even in the shorter Food coaching® seminar of two hours, participants are prompted to express their struggles and challenges.
  • At the end of each seminar, there is at least one S.M.A.R.T*. plan to follow (*Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely)



What is included in a Corporate Wellness, Food Coaching® Seminar:


➧ All seminars are delivered by Dr. Valentini Konstanitnidou.

Concrete solutions, to employees’ concrete challenges.

Habit tracking tools, to help participants track the progress of their change.




Productivity depends on the level of wellness.

Wellness depends on the implementation of the right habits.

Habits are built through regular coaching and guidance.



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