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DNANUTRICOACH® arrives at Athens International Airport

DNANUTRICOACH® arrives at Athens International Airport

  • 24 January 2018

Make prevention your Lifestyle. Do you travel to or from Athens International Airport in Greece?
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Your genes cannot change. You can!

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou explains how the method of applied nutrigenetics DNANUTRICOACH® makes precision nutrition a reality.

Our DNA is what makes us unique and differentiates us from others.

Our DNA specifies and differentiates what diet fits better our internal, molecular needs. Nutrigenetic science explains how our genes affect our nutritional plans and what we can do to balance and improve them.

The ultimate goal is to provide tailored-made recommendations that:

  • fit the demanding rhythms of life,
  • enable people to effectively implement nutritional behavior changes,
  • learn how to build new habits sustainably over time,
  • avoid trial and error conditions and
  • live life at its fullest.

Prevention is not a luxury. It is a lifestyle.



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