The first book about nutrigenetics in greek

The first book about nutrigenetics in greek

  • By: Βαλεντίνη Κωνσταντινίδου
  • 28 August 2021

In 2021, the Founder of DNANUTRICOACH®, Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou publishes the first book for the general public about nutrigenetics supported by the Greek publisher iWrite.

  • Why do we need personalized nutritional habits and exercise plans?
  • How can we use the knowledge of our genetic sensitivies?
  • Which is the way to learn all theses?

Nutrigenetics studies how our genes determine the effects that our food has on us. This genetic “make-up” is what makes us unique. It includes individual pigments and character traits. Our genetic make-up consists of numerous genetic markers, mainly SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) which do not change throughout our lives. We are born with this “genetic fingerprint”. Changes to our SNPs mean changes to one of the four letters of our DNA sequence.

The sooner we are aware of these differences and this unique genetic make-up, the most effective we can prevent diet-related diseases and give quality of life in our life.

You can purchase the book online and in E-book format as well.

Dr. Velentini Konstantinidou

By Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, RDN, MSc, PhD.

  • Nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics researcher and lector
  • Nutritionist – Dietitian
  • Food technologist
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach (IAPC&M)
  • Founder of DNANUTRICOACH®
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