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Our favorite #motherrunner talks about her DNA-based nutritional plan

Our favorite #motherrunner talks about her DNA-based nutritional plan

  • By: Βαλεντίνη Κωνσταντινίδου
  • 15 April 2019

Penelope Seiragaki is our favorite #motherrunner.

In what way her DNA-based nutrition had helped her?

She started her nutrigenetic program DNANUTRICOACH® in April 2017, at the age of 39 years old. Today, after 4 marathons, 5 semi-marathons, and numerous 5Km and 10Km runs, we asked her in what way her DNA-based nutrition had helped her.

Penelope, you are a mother of 2, you have an 8-hour, full-time job, you also work as a part-time photographer and you are a short and long-distance runner. How do you do it?

Answer: I have program, consistency, and lots of love for everything I do daily! It requires effective planning, though, without risky moves in order to take care of everything, and of course, at the end of the day, to remain healthy and energetic. It needs a personalized approach that fits my own needs in nutrition, training, and follow-up.

Penelope, you were among the first Greek runners to start the program of applied nutrigenetics DNANUTRICOACH ®. What was the reason for that, your motivation, and what exactly were you looking for?

Answer: Given my demanding everyday life, the needs of my daily routine, and my love for running, which I did not want to reduce in any way, I was looking for constant energy and appropriate treatment that will guarantee that I protect my body, my health and myself. At the age of 40 and with 2 children, I cannot afford experiments or magical solutions regarding my health and wellbeing. I was looking for scientific guidance and a more personalized approach to continue training without any risk. I had heard and followed various “solutions” in the past, but I felt that none of them was fitting my own needs and was not designed for me. The DNA-based nutrition and the Food Coaching program DNANUTRICOACH® gave me exactly what I was looking for: clear and precise recommendations, for me only, genetic information about me and how it affects my way of life and my athletic goals. The most important thing for me was that all this new information, based on my DNA, was translated into simple, understandable actions, based on the Greek food I like and which I can easily afford without spending a fortune.

What dietary guidelines you were following before enrolling in your DNANUTRICOACH® applied nutrigenetics program?

Answer: The truth is that in my family we have always followed what we thought of a “healthy” diet because of my diabetic dad. The same approach I continued and kept in my own home, but without having a concrete approach. Moreover, I have always wanted to lose weight, a kind of obsession that all runners share, but without having to, so there has always been some confusion in my mind regarding the best dietary guidelines I had to follow.

So, you started following DNA-based recommendations for your nutrition and training, and you have followed a Food Coaching program. What changes do you notice today after all these?

Answer: The most important for me is that today, I have clarity and precision about what is good for me and what is not. I have more energy, without ups and downs. I have no pains nor injuries, and I am 2 years older, hehe. I have improved my racing time, without overtraining. With my running coach, we follow what we followed in the past, with a special fine-tuning. The most radical change is not what I notice, but what I feel. I feel that my body has changed dramatically, I feel how my body better metabolizes, exploits, and uses the food I give it. Now I know how to feed myself and not just eat. This is priceless!

What would you suggest to fellows working-mothers and #motherrunners who wish to follow your example?

Answer: I would suggest they follow only a scientific approach and only personalized instructions about their health and nutrition. We are all unique, we have a demanding everyday life and we should not jeopardize our health with trial and error methods or experimentation. Food can protect us, but also can destroy us. My experience from my Food Coaching and DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic program has not only helped me personally but also helped my whole family. Now, my children are growing up knowing what healthy eating habits are, they can mimic my own healthy habits and clarify previous myths and theories. I would suggest DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic programs 100%.

We greatly thank Penelope for sharing her experience with us and we wish her a lot of happy, healthy, smiley, running kilometers and finishing likes like the one at Hamburg Marathon.

Dr. Velentini Konstantinidou

By Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, RDN, MSc, PhD.

  • Nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics researcher and lector
  • Nutritionist – Dietitian
  • Food technologist
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach (IAPC&M)
  • Founder of DNANUTRICOACH®
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