All a healthcare professional wants to know about nutrigenetics

All a healthcare professional wants to know about nutrigenetics

  • 26 January 2016

Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics gain increasing attention worldwide. Here, we gather and present quick answers to the most frequently asked questions that healthcare professionals have about Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics.

Which healthcare professionals may use DNANUTRICOACH® applied nutrigenetics services?

DNANUTRICOACH® offers services and expertise in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. This is a multidisciplinary field of research involving biochemistry, nutrition, genetics, biology, bioinformatics etc. Our services add extreme value when appropriately applied in the clinical practice by different healthcare professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, and others such as personal trainers, and even chefs.

Why should I integrate applied Nutrigenetics into my clinical practice?

Nutrigenetics explains how food affects our genetic sensitivities and how each one of us responds differently to the same nutritional trigger. Thus, nutrigenetics has the potential, when appropriately applied, to prevent diet-related and complex diseases based on individual genetic predisposition. By integrating DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic services into your private practice you add the highest level of personalization and tailored-made guidance for your patients.

Why should I choose DNANUTRICOACH®?

Because DNANUTRICOACH® is founded by Dr.Valentini Konstantinidou, a nutritional genomics researcher with hands-on experience in the field.
Because in DNANUTRICOACH® our services extend far beyond a pure DNA analysis.
Because we adapt our high-quality services to each healthcare professional’s needs.
Because choosing DNANUTRICOACH® means that you will be continuously supported to ensure your understanding of up-to-date nutrigenetics knowledge with constant practical and marketing assistance.

In which countries are DNANUTRICOACH® services available?

DNANUTRICOACH® headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2020, a Greek branch in Glyfada, Attiki also operates for Greek professionals. Our services are available all over Europe and our reports can be produced in English, Spanish and Greek languages.

For more detailed information, please contact us and express your interest at info@dnanutricoachdnanutricoach-com

Which SNPs are included in the nutrigenetic analysis provided by DNANUTRICOACH®

DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic analysis includes only those SNPs that are validated and supported by solid scientific evidence. We select only those SNPs that influence modifiable, lifestyle risk factors, such as diet and physical activity and we update them as often as indicated by scientific evidence.

As of 2022, we analyze 50 SNPs related to the following 3 big clusters:


  1. lactose intolerance (e.g. rs4988235)
  2. celiac predisposition ( 2187668)
  3. carbohydrates and lipids (e.g. rs7903146)
  4. vitamin B & D (e.g. rs1801133)
  5. salt, alcohol, caffeine (e.g. rs4343)


  1. phase I and II detoxification (e.g. rs762551)
  2. anti-inflammatory capacity (e.g. rs1800629)
  3. antioxidant capacity (e.g. rs4880)
  4. chrononutrition


  1. aerobic potential (VO2 max) (e.g. rs1042713)
  2. endurance-Power training %. (e.g. rs1815739)
  3. post-Exercise recovery capacity (e.g. rs1205)
  4. injury risk (e.g. rs2228145)
  5. cardio fitness capacity (e.g. rs699)

What does “rs” mean?

RS is the identification number that is used by researchers worldwide to refer to concrete SNPs. For more information related to nutritional genomics terminology, please read here.

Are DNANUTRICOACH® services available online?

Of course!

At DNANUTRICOACH®, we support healthcare professionals to implement nutrigenetics into their clinical practice regardless of their physical locations. We can offer consulting sessions in inflexible timetables to meet your professional requirements by leveraging available communication technology at your convenience.

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