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What is Food Coaching?

Take massive action and make lasting improvements.

  • What are your eating habits?
  • How have you developed them?
  • How badly do you want to keep them?

Food Coaching® is a methodology developed by Dr.Valentini Konstantinidou that empowers you to make lasting improvements to your eating habits. Our mind always wants to keep things simple and protects its homeostasis. So do we! That is why, in our Food Coaching® programs, we prioritize simple solutions starting with the things you can actually improve today.

  • How S.M.A.R.T are your goals?
  • How sure are you that you can keep them in the long term?
  • How happy are you with these goals?

In our Food Coaching® programs, we set Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic, and Timely goals that you can measure, observe and achieve, starting with baby steps towards your goal. We enhance clarity on what you really desire, what holds you back, and what myths and misconceptions need to be crushed before you can actually move forward.

Take massive action and make lasting improvements.
Is Food Coaching® for me?

Is Food Coaching® for me?

We all eat food and we all face diet-related diseases during our life. Even if you do not have any genetic sensitivity, Food Coaching® is above genetic testing. You can choose the topic based on your current needs and living conditions. Some of our clients’ topics include:

  • Emotional eating (scroll down for more)
  • Gastrointestinal problems and discomfort.
  • Fertility enhancement.
  • Weight adjustments (losing or gaining).
  • Energy adjustments (increasing or decreasing).
  • Sleep improvement (quality and quantity).
  • Performance improvement (in sports, and everyday life)
  • Diet-related diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, high glucose.
  • Menopause symptoms.
  • Anti-cancer nutrition for prevention and symptoms relief.

No more excuses. Food Coaching® programs are tailored-made to address your own needs and improve the quality of your life, starting with food.

You are Unique! So are the Food Coaching® programs!

  • The Food Coaching® methodology goes beyond a nutritional or dietetic assessment. We are working with your own UNIQUE parameters and you learn how to make the healthier and most appropriate choices wherever you are.
  • How do you speak to yourself? The words you attach to your experience become your experience. So, vocabulary is crucial. Food Coaching® methodology shows you how to improve your “inner” vocabulary and master your inner voice.
  • How committed are you to executing your plan and achieving your goals? Mindset and execution are two different things. That is why many people, although they have the will, they struggle to succeed. Food Coaching® methodology puts you back on track whenever you start diverging from your goal until you get there and be the change you wish for.
  • You learn how to discipline your disappointments, and build the capacity to deal with bad days and the emotional fitness to keep you going.

The methodology of Food Coaching® was defined for the first time in 2017 when Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou published it in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Annals of Nutrition and Food Science Journal.

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou is also an accredited Life Coach by the British Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring  IAPC&M, she is a member of the American Society of Nutrition (ASN) and ambassador of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) in Spain.

You are Unique! So are the Food Coaching® programs!
Food Coaching® for emotional eaters.

Food Coaching® for emotional eaters.

Emotional eating patterns are rapidly increasing among people who satisfy their emotional hunger with food.  Scientific studies assess today’s emotional eating behaviors and deeply analyze them before providing special treatment. Emotional eating can lead to overweight and obesity but also to numerous nutritional disorders. Emotional eating needs deeper analysis and help beyond the classical nutritional assessment.

In people who suffer from emotional eating, Food Coaching® methodology teaches you

  • how to listen, understand, and appreciate your body,
  • how to recognize its signals,
  • distinguish between emotional and organic hunger,
  • love the food that loves you back, and
  • build the plan to overcome your obstacles

During a Food Coaching® program, you can learn how to nurture yourself and not just eat. You can transform your habits into actionable knowledge, and practice around healthy eating habits and lifestyles once and for all.

Free yourself from blockages and move forward today!

How does Food Coaching work?

  • Our Food Coaching® programs are scheduled in weekly or biweekly sessions.
  • All sessions last 1 hour.
  • Sessions can be performed online with all available platforms.
  • Sessions are performed with Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou in flexible hours that fit your routine.
  • Food Coaching® methodology prioritizes areas for improvement based on scientific criteria and by following Lifestyle Medicine principles.
  • To apply the Food Coaching® methodology the healthcare provider needs to have specific, accredited training to the coaching method.
  • Food Coaching® methodology uses tools from NLP, mindfulness, clinical nutrition and empowerment and builds awareness, consciousness, and energy.
How does Food Coaching work?
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