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Applied Nutrigenetics services

Nutrigenetics interpretation

Do you have a nutrigenetics/DNA analysis that you do not understand? This is your solution. Your personalized interpretation.

Translate your DNA results into precise, nutritional recommendations with our nutrigenetic assessment:

  1. Understand what your genetic (DNA) results mean for your current lifestyle.
  2. Get precise nutritional recommendations out of your DNA results.
  3. Understand how to modify/adapt your eating habits and lifestyle to equilibrate your genetic predisposition.

Get your nutrigenetic assessment today. Use the answers of your own DNA.

Session Duration: 1.5hrs
Cost: 190€ (VAT included)

Applied Nutrigenetics Express

The perfect personalized gift for you and your loved ones.

Are you still searching for the perfect, personalized gift for your loved ones and for yourself?

Avoid trial and error.

Be proactive, not reactive.

The absolute personalized gift that lasts!

The applied nutrigenetics Express includes:

  • Our full nutrigenetic analysis in 50 SNPs in 12 molecular pathways.
  • A personalized interpretation session of your nutrigenetic results, because we want you to understand your nutrigenetic results, not just have them.
  • Concrete recommendations and planning of your next step, if necessary.

Duration: Session of 1hr,  DNA results in 3-4wks

Cost: 372€ (VAT included)

Applied Nutrigenetics Complete

For you who not only want to know better, but also want to feel better.

Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.

Avoid trial and error. Be proactive, not reactive.
The Applied Nutrigenetics Complete program includes:

  • Our full nutrigenetic analysis in 50 SNPs (polymorphisms) related to nutrition and exercise.
  • Two initial sessions (1hr) to evaluate your current exogenous characteristics (phenotype) such as work schedules, quality of sleep, pain, and nutrition among others that draw a personalized picture of your current lifestyle. 
  • An interpretation session (1hr) of your nutrigenetic results to explain your endogenous characteristics (genotype).

Start your personalized nutritional plan that starts from your DNA today.

Duration: DNA results in 3-4 wks

Cost: 490€ (VAT included)

Avoid trial and error. Be proactive, not reactive.

Personalized, non-invasive prevention through nutrition and lifestyle.

The three pillars of a 100% tailor-made prevention that lasts.

KNOW: Know your DNA.
UNDERSTAND: Understand what your DNA means for you.
CONTROL: Control it by doable, everyday lifestyle improvements.

Avoid invasive processes and abstention of products.

  • Pain?

  • Constipation?

  • Swelling?

  • Digestion discomfort?

  • Inflammation?

  • Fatigue?

  • Headaches?

  • Weakness?

  • Loss of concentration?

  • Lack of energy and low drive? 

  • Trouble sleeping?

Stop generalizing. Start personalizing.

Prevention is not a luxury. Prevention is a lifestyle.

Act before your symptoms appear.

Your genes do not change, you do!

Prevention is not a luxury, it is a lifestyle. Rapid aging starts from within. Learn how to prevent it.

Avoid invasive processes and abstention of products.

  • Your DNA is the key. We evaluate your eating habits and current lifestyle to give precise and personalized recommendations.

  • You set your goals, and we use our scientific expertise and coaching methodology to help you reach them.

  • Learn how small and simple changes in your daily routine can help you achieve permanent wellness and long-term health.

Start your personalized program that fits your specific needs today!

YOUR participation for
YOUR own wellness in
YOUR own life can be a reality.

Δρ. Βαλεντίνη Κωσταντινίδου
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