DNANUTRICOACH® supports Syros Triathlon 2018


For the first time in Greece, all participants of the SYROS TRIATHLON 2018 will have the opportunity to enroll in a personalized, DNA-based nutritional program with special discounts.


DNANUTRICOACH® supports triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclers amateurs and professionals and brings cutting-edge scientific knowledge for their own benefit. DNANUTRICOACH® designs and offers DNA-based, coaching nutritional programs and helps them boost their performance.


Join SYROS TRIATHLON 2018 on the amazing island of Syros, Greece and start today your improved, healthy lifestyle.


The funding team of TRIMORE, SYROS TRIATHLON 2018 has already started.

See the videos of Anna and Anastasis here:





What are you waiting for? Boost your performance based on your DNA!

See you in Syros, Greece on June 21st, 2018.


Contact us today : info@dnanutricoach.com

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