What does DNANUTRICOACH stand for?


Our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the source of all genetic information (and instructions) for our human body. DNA is a molecule, a nucleic acid, which is very carefully packaged in the nucleus of our cells. DNA writes our “book of life” with a vast combination of its four letters (A, T, C, G). This “book” includes about 3 billion DNA letters and their concrete sequence form approximately 30,000 genes. Based on the human genome, humans are about 99% identical. The remaining 1% is capable of defining not only differences in the color of our eyes but also differences in our genetic predisposition to develop, or not, certain diseases.


Our nutrition is the only environmental factor that we can totally control throughout our life several times per day, throughout our lives. The habits that we adopt around our nutritional behavior depend on our education, our society, our likes and dislikes and of course on our economy.  Our nutritional education is pivotal to maintain health and prevent disease. This kind of education goes far beyond a simple diet. Nutrition itself is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, but NOT the center of it.


The Coaching profession describes the technique, the art and the careful methodology used to help people find the solutions to their problems, evolve their lives, achieve their goals and keep on moving despite the tempting comfort of staying still. Coaching techniques route back to the teachings of Socrates and Plato teaching. Coaching does not treat pathologies or any kind of psychological problems but aims at accompanying healthy people fulfil their dreams under concrete professional standards and ethical guidelines.

What do we do in DNANUTRICOACH?

Your genes, Your diet, Your life, Your health

In DNANUTRICOACH we bring research closer to society by providing first-class, evidence-based Nutritional Genomics assistance and consulting. By the elaboration of Scientific Nutritional Programs (S.N.Ps) based on S.N.P (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), DNANUTRICOACH can help you develop a personalized healthy lifestyle based on your genetic predisposition. DNANUTRICOACH is committed to continuous high-standard improvement, update and adaptation to the needs of the modern society to prevent complex diseases and promote healthy living and healthy ageing.

DNANUTRICOACH has set the goal of being the first online platform to gather together all Nutritional Genomics experts around the globe sharing the same passion for accurate, evidence-based and efficient nutrigenetic education for the promotion of health and prevention of diet-related diseases. If you are interested in participating in this novel platform, you are welcome to contact us.

DNANUTRICOACH was founded by Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou with the deep devotion and profound interest to translate into society all the scientific knowledge and expertise obtained during her Nutritional Genomics education and experience.


Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou

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