What does DNANUTRICOACH mean?


DNA is a molecule and it is what makes us unique. Our DNA writes our personal manual, what we call our “book of life”.


Humans are about 99 % identical. The remaining 1% is capable of defining differences in the color of our eyes, of our skin, of our hair and differences in our way of metabolizing nutrients, losing weight, gaining fat, running faster, developing certain diseases.


DNA is a molecule. It is a nucleic acid called deoxyribonucleic acid. We find it, very carefully packaged, in the nucleus of all of our cells. DNA contains all the genetic information and instructions of our human organism.


DNA is organized in four letters (A, T, C, G) and it writes our “book of life” with a combination of these four letters. This “book” includes about 3 billion of DNA letters and their concrete sequence form approximately 30.000 genes.


Our nutrition is the only environmental factor that we can totally control throughout our life. From birth to death.


Our nutritional habits are pivotal to maintain health and prevent disease. Whilst, nutrition does not always receive the necessary attention. Evidence-based scientific results are the ones that should guide our nutritional habits.


Nutrition itself is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, but it is NOT the center of it. The habits that we adopt around our nutritional behavior depend on our education, our society, our likes and dislikes and of course on our economy. This kind of education goes far beyond a simple diet or a menu proposal.


Coaching is empowerment, motivation, and goal-setting. The coaching has a beginning and an end.


The Coaching profession describes the technique; the art and the careful methodology applied to empower people to improve their lives.


Through coaching, the person comes up with solutions, improve, achieve their goals and keep on moving forward despite the tempting comfort of staying still. Coaching routes back to the teachings of Socrates and Plato.


Coaching does not treat pathologies or any kind of psychological problems but aims at accompanying healthy people fulfill their dreams under concrete professional standards (Code of Professional Conduct) and ethical guidelines.

What do we do in DNANUTRICOACH?

Your genes, Your diet, Your health.

In DNANUTRICOACH® we design and offer three-in-one personalized programs of applied nutrigenetics to help you know and understand your genetic predisposition. We make precision nutrition a reality for everyone.


Three in one, (3-in-1). All precise, all here.


  • We analyze your genes (DNA),
  • We carefully interpret and explain your results and
  • We guide you through change (Food Coaching).


In DNANUTRICOACH® we empower you to make the changes you wish, to control effectively your lifestyle, and to reach your full health. We put the focus on YOU, not on your disease or condition.


Your genes cannot change. YOU CAN.


Our food coaching programs help you find the key to your best life. Food Coaching programs empower you with evidence-based and updated knowledge to improve your behavior and change habits. Food coaching sessions are also offered online for maximum flexibility. Food Coaching sessions are always made with Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou.


We focus on food quality rather than food quantity.

In DNANUTRICOACH® we bring science closer to society by providing first-class, evidence-based Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics assistance and consulting. We work with all kind of stakeholders and interested parties such as healthcare providers, companies, educational institutions and laboratories covering a wide spectrum of services. We work to guarantee correct usage of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics knowledge for market needs directly from researchers, without intermediaries.

What do we represent in DNANUTRICOACH?

Prevention is not luxury. Prevention is a lifestyle.

In DNANUTRICOACH® we follow lifestyle medicine principles and we work to guarantee effective, healthy lifestyle recommendations based on genetic predisposition. We focus on key, personalized topics of improvement. We give lifelong and real solutions for real people who seek long-term health and permanent well-being. We optimize everyone´s effort to achieve person-centered prevention, tailored to own needs and based on scientific evidence.


Nutrigenetic application for health promotion

In DNANUTRICOACH® we are committed to continuous learning, high-standard improvement, scientific update and adaptation to the needs of the modern society. Our founder is a researcher with expertise in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics and she promotes healthy living and healthy aging. We collaborate with experts around the globe sharing the same passion for accurate, evidence-based nutrigenetic application for health promotion and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. We support non-invasive preventive methods and we enhance science-based lifestyle age-management.

If you share the same characteristics and you are interested in collaborating with us, you are welcome to contact us.

Scientific knowledge and expertise in Nutrigenetics

DNANUTRICOACH® is a start-up company based in Barcelona. It was founded and it is led by Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou with the deep devotion and profound interest to translate all her scientific knowledge and expertise in Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics into tangible and measurable benefits for everyone. Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou, among others, is an accredited life coach by IAPC&M  and an ambassador of European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO).


Success is reached by staying committed to the destination and flexible as to the journey.

In DNANUTRICOACH® we help you reach your maximum phenotypic flexibility.


Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou