Applied Nutrigenetics and Food Coaching in ORTHOBIOTIKI

Applied Nutrigenetics and Food Coaching programs arrive at ORTHOBIOTIKH, Athens, Greece.

In DNANUTRICOACH®, we are proud to initiate our collaboration with the high-standard polyclinic of preventive and regenerative medicine ORTHOBIOTIKI in Marousi, Attica.

Our applied nutrigenetics and Food Coaching programs are now in Greece.

Visit 3-5 Sorou Str or call at +30 210 3230000 to ask for our DNANUTRICOACH® nutrigenetic analysis, and start your customized Food Coaching sessions with Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou. Our programs are tailored-made, designed only for you and are based on your DNA. Our Applied nutrigenetics and Food Coaching programs will help you reach your wellness and prevention goals through precise nutrition.

Principles and philosophy: a personalized approach.

DNANUTRICOACH® and ORTHOBIOTIKI share the same principles and philosophy. We strongly believe that preventive medicine is a personalized diagnostic approach and therapeutics based on the most updated scientific advances applied by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

ORTHOBIOTIKI and DNANUTRICOACH® join forces and work together to offer you, not just health and longevity, but also a continuous, daily improvement in your quality of life, that has no age.


Let’s start the journey to your better shelf, together!


By Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou,

Nutrigenetics researcher and lecturer,


Accredited Coach (IAPC&M)


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